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Archery Board

Courses and insights 

Landriano's Archers organize  basic archery courses with federal instructors (FIARC). The course provides for the qualification to practice archery and to participate in official competitions and IFAA international championships.

Basic course

Initial with Archery


The basic archery course includes individual lessons with a federal instructor.

The aspiring archer receives the basic information to face the discipline.

The instructor brings the archer to a level of independence from the point of view of shooting.

The basic course complies with the FIARC directives and has the duration of the course is ten lessons.

Ask for information


Deepen your knowledge

Meetings are organized with specific topics relating to the world of archery and competition. The meetings are limited for a "full immersion" in the subject matter.

For this type of events external speakers are sent to 04LAND.

Wooden Bow

Tutor Project

The archer is followed in the path

Tutor Logo.jpg

The archer who follows the BASIC archery course is supported by a tutor, who has the task of helping the neophyte in the world of FIARC and archery. A support in understanding the dynamics of a new sport.

The duration of the tutoring is six months

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