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Training Field Regulations

The Landriano training ground has its own shooting safety regulations. This regulation is inspired by the guidelines of the FIARC

Organic Regulation

If you want to better understand how FIARC works, how a company is formed, how the rules are written, consult the document.

FIARC Statute

Read the official FIARC statute. You will surely find important information to complete your knowledge of the federation

3D Silhouettes List

Official list of 3D silhouettes approved for FIARC competitions

Ethical code

Archery, like all sports, to declare themselves as such, have a code of ethics to respect. FIARC has drawn up this document to reinforce the fundamental principles of the discipline

Education Regulations

This document explains the technical formations of archery instruction. If you intend to become an instructor, then consult the document.

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